Salisbury Hospice Midnight Walk 2010 - Complete!

After 13.1 miles, 3 hrs 15 minutes, 2 blisters and stiff legs, neck and shoulders my walk is complete. Of around 450 starters I finished in the top 50 or so and then cycled home, arriving around 3.45am this morning and falling asleep very soon afterwards.

 Sitting at Salisbury Leisure Centre having just enjoyed
a sausage bap after finishing. Yummy!

The crowds gather at the start line

A good sight, unfortunately taken down when I arrived back at the end!

I have not yet totted up my sponsorship total but think it is in the region of £200 which is brilliant - I had honestly expected to be chucking £50 in the pot myself but I have been really chuffed with the generosity of customers, friends, family and even strangers who have put something in. I will post again when I have the final figure.

Around a year ago I couldn't walk upstairs without getting out of breath. I was drinking like a fish, smoking 5-6 cigarettes a day (or more) and never walked or cycled anywhere. So I am really proud of myself having lost around 15kg, quit the fags, cycling 50+ miles a week, occasionally swimming and now having completed a walk that is longer than I have ever walked before in a decent time. However, I am not sure I would rush to do it again - I don't feel that walking is the best activity for me and so I think my next challenge will be to do a decent cycle ride. London to Paris has been suggested before now and I might just consider it. Watch this space!

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me already and it is not too late to do so now if you haven't, my online page is at:

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