Major fire in Salisbury Market Square - 30 March 2011

For anyone interested there is a Youtube video showing the blaze here:

and an article on the Salisbury Journal website here:

Geller EX-300 Cash register for sale

Once again I have a Geller EX-300 cash register for sale via Ebay. Follow this link to the listing:

This is the second of the 2 tills that we used in Coombe Bissett Stores until the EPos system arrived. WE no longer have a need for it but could use the space so it needs to go. It was more than adequate for our needs so hopefully a shop can benefit in the future.

Italian Wine Promotion and a tasting!

I am pleased to say that the following wines are on promotion while stocks are available. Normally priced at £6.65 per bottle the following discounts currently apply:

Italia Pinot Grigio £6.00 per bottle.
Italia Pinot Grigio Rose £6.00 per bottle
Italia Montepulciano £6.00 per bottle

Even better, you can buy any two from the range and pay only £5.50 per bottle.

There will be a bottle of each wine open on Saturday 19 March from 9am if you would like to come in to Coombe Bissett Stores and try some.

We currently have good stocks of each but please let me know if you need a significant quantity.

The following links will be of interest if you would like to know more about these wines:


Battery recycling at Coombe Bissett Stores.

Following on from a request made to me at the Parish Plan meeting I have now placed a battery collection tub outside Coombe Bissett Stores. It is located next to the shoe recycling bins and once full I will arrange for it to be taken away and the contents recycled.