New page on website

I have created a new page on the website for Ecover products that are becoming increasinly popular amongst our customers, so much so that we now only stock Ecover detergents and have very few "normal" brands left.

The new page is here: and any comments are welcomed.

Stonch's Beer Blog

A well written and frequently updated blog about beer drinking and general beer related enjoyment in London and elsewhere. Well worth keeping an eye on.

Stonch's Beer Blog

Friends of The Lewes Arms

I want to bring your attention to the fight that continues to rumble on in Lewes, Sussex. Too often the larger brewers and pubcos reduce consumer choice by only offering their own "house" brands.

Well done and good luck to all those involved:

Friends of The Lewes Arms
Updated draught cider page to reflect current range.
Added featured products to Product A-Z page for greater impact.

Website changes

Updated product A-Z.
Added Vuju to shopping site, home page and links page.
Removed unavailable products from shopping site.

Exciting new vodka smoothie: VUJU

Yesterday I received a visit from Carl at Krush Drinks, producer of the delicious range of new vodka smoothies called VUJU. Made only from crushed fruit, with no additives, preservative, water or sugar. I'm pleased to announce that not only are we stocking the drinks but we will also be listing them online for mail order sales.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy any 3 bottles for £5.00 (normally £2.00 each).
Updated product A-Z.
Made some changes to the About us page although I have managed to duplicate some photos from the gallery. I will tackle that issue later in the week.
Updated the links page - added one, deleted one.
I've updated the product A-z - the list now includes the first three new products from EazyCuisine - really good frozen meals using only British meat. If they are popular we will add more.

We have also stocked up with ice cream just in time for the snow on Thursday. You know it makes sense!

Anthony Nolan Trust

We have received an information pack from the Anthony Nolan Trust, giving details of a registration session in Salisbury on Monday 19th February. The location details are below and I would like to encourage any readers to attend this or another session in their area. I feel it is vitaly important that we all support these initiatives because after all it could be you or me that vitaly needs a donor in the future.

Date: Monday 19th February 2007
Time: 1430 to 1800
Place: Rooms 1 &2, Education Centre, Level 5 , Salisbury District Hospital, SP2 8BJ.

Further information can be found at

Potential donors must be between 18 and 40 and be in good general health. Male donors, and/or those from ethnic backgrounds are most needed but really anyone is welcome providing they are in the right age group.

Website updates

I've pruned out a lot of dross from the product file and updated the list on the website.

I have also re-written the outside bars page to hopefully explain the process of booking us for an event more clearly. As always any comments about the website, or what we do, or anything else are much appreciated.