Updated product A-Z

Twice in one day!

Updated the shopping site:

Added new products such as Pusser's Rum, red and white wine selections and Taylors Mustard makes a welcome return. Also some cracking fizz from the Alsace.

Updated main site with links to this blog, links to shopping site.

Website changes

This post marks the start of using this blog in the way that I used to use the change log. As changes are made to the website they will be detailed on here, along with more general posts as and when I can.

So far, in the last few days, we have made some significant changes to the look and feel of the Abbey Stores website, to make it easier for browsers to shop online. These include:

Embedding the shopping site into the main body of the static site.
Revising our delivery prices to be cheaper for heavier deliveries.
Changing the layout of the shopping site so that is displays correctly in its new position.
Removal of separate delivery and billing addresses so that it is clear that we can only despatch to the billing address.
Preparing for the addition of new products to the shopping site.

Future changes are being planned; they will include:

Removing Nochex as a payment option and replacing it with a Protx/Streamline solution.
Upgrading Erol (the shopping software) to the business edition so that we can list many more products.
Listing products that people are searching for.
Revising the main site to be easier to navigate.

As always, changes will be posted here as they happen.