A new initiative - whenever we re-paint the blackboard outside the shop (about once a month) we will photograph it and post the image to our new, special, blackboard blog.

Click this link to see the boards so far.


I have updated the homepage with a link to the lantern parade, placed our Christmas and New Year opening hours on the About us page and updated the product A-Z.

We have just taken delivery of some more Ashgrove cider from Marden in Herefordshire - very nice indeed. We have also received a selection of beers from Das Beerman, who specialise in German brews. They are now on sale.

Shopping site

I have changed the way customers who order from our website will pay for delivery.

In the past we have used a complicated systems of weighing the items, then using different prices for different shipping weights. All well and good in principle, but a pain to explain to people and complicated to administer.

Instead we are implementing a flat rate delivery charge of £7.50 per order, whatever the size or weight. There are two key exceptions: 1) A new product in the form of some really nice Ugandan vanilla pods which will carry a flat fee of £1.00 per pack, and 2) If you order over £100.00 from the shopping site carriage will be free.

This is an experiment for the next few months but talking to other businesses who do things this way it seems to be a better option. Time will tell.
I have updated the product a-z this morning, sitting in my un-heated office with a kitten trying to "help" on the keyboard. The things I do! I have also worked on the links page, about us, pages of interest and the home page.

Tonight we are doing our first ever bar for Coombe Bissett village hall, and on Monday night I am selling mulled wine in the Market Square for a dance event.


Now here's an idea I like - being paid to surf t'internet. It seems pretty obvious - there are vast sums floating around in profit for companies like Google, so why not share a bit with the end user. Maybe that it all a bit utopian, but there is a company promising to do just that and I have signed up.

The best bit is if you sign up as well, by clicking the link below, you can start earning and I get my first referral fee.

So, get clicking, and get paid to do what you are already doing.