Biking and new products

Well, it has been a while but along the way I have bought some new kit, bought a motorcycle, covered ~400 miles and loved every minute on two wheels. Oh, and spent a lot of money on the bike and then almost as much again on a major service. But, its well worth every penny and I love going out after work or at the weekends. Photos and more of a post to follow in due course, on that subject.

Moving on to work matters, we have today taken delivery of some excellent new products:

Artisan Go Bananas Bear biscuits
Artisan Muddy Bear biscuits
Artisan Blowing Raspberry Bear biscuits

These are lovely little twin packs of biscuits, 60p each, aimed at children but the child in me has tried on (banana) and loved it.

Border Raspberry, White Chocolate and Pistachio Crumbles

Complimenting our range of Border Biscuits which includes Black Forest Cookies, Lemon Souffle Cookies, Strawberry and Cream Shortbread, Chocolate covered brownies and more. Far too morish!

Farmhouse Suger Free chocolate chip shorties 

Increasing our range of sugar free biscuits (and a smaller gluten free range) these will hopefully be enjoyed as much as our other speciality biscuits.

Fudges Half-Dipped Milk Chocolate Oat and Sultana biscuits

These look delicious and I am looking forward to trying them. More waistline problems!

Moores Dorset Knobs

Back, after a long delay. Always popular with people who remember them from their childhood.

Rendles Sultana Flapjack traybake
Rendles Blackberry & Apple crumble traybake
Rendles Rhubarb crumble traybake

6 slices of crumble or traybake in a foil tray - just begging to be hotted up and served with custard and cream.

Wessex Mill Gluten Free bread flour
Wessex Mill Mixed Pepper and Basil bread flour

We have enjoyed the apple and cinnamon and the tomato and garlic flours so I am hoping the pepper and basil will also be good. Likewise I am hoping the gluten free will appeal to ceoliac customers. It is made from rice and potato flours and is priced at £4.00 for 1.5kg.

Cawston Apple and Blackcurrant Juice

Finally we add apple and blackcurrant to the Cawston range - we have tried the apple and rhubarb which I love so this one looks good as well.

All of these arrived this morning and are now on the shelves.