Local charcoal arrives in Coombe Bissett

Local charcoal made near Salisbury has arrived at Coombe Bissett Stores and is now available for sale. This is made by Paul Fulford in Landford and many of my customers enjoyed it last year and have been looking out for it in 2011.

The charcoal is made from coppice wood and is much easier to light that the regular imported charcoal, as it is of denser construction. This means that the charcoal also burns for longer so you can buy less over of the summer.

There are two sizes of bag available - a 4kg priced at £6.00 that has a good description on the back and some ideas of how to enjoy it best. Once you are up and running then there is a larger 7kg bag priced at £10.00.

If you would like to reserve a bag for the weekend just call the shop on 01722 718852.

The end of Abbey Stores, Salisbury :-(

Abbey Stores ends, Coombe Bissett Stores continue!

I am sad to announce that Abbey Stores at 30 Salt Lane, Salisbury is no more and has closed for good on 31 March 2011. A combination of the expiry of the lease this year and other factors has meant that while the business will continue unaffected in Coombe Bissett there will no longer be a shop in Salisbury.

So to all our customers at Abbey Stores since we opened on 22 September 2003 we thank you for your custom at the shop and hope we will continue to see you in Coombe Bissett. We will be continuing our delivery service into Salisbury and will always endeavour to fulfil customer requests for interesting products as before.