Art Trail photo gallery and more

Since the Salisbury City Art Trail has now finished I have created a couple of gallery pages to record the artwork displayed in the shop for posterity. It was a pleasure to exhibit the works of such talented local artists, and a good number of people visited the shop to see the pieces.

The product A-Z has been updated, as has Draught Cider.

I have also updated the home page with a link to this blog.

Weekend in Town, new page on website

Its amazing what a night away in London can do for your spirits, although I was also in London last weekend after spending a day in Ghent. Yes, I thought I was mad as well, but isn't it nice that we are close enough to the continent that going out and back to Belgium in a day is feasible, although very tiring.

So last night I went to see the magical Alabama 3, at the London Astoria. Unfortunately the venue is due to be pulled down and although it is rather grotty inside it does have character and a very bassey sound system. The Alabama 3 were in fine form, all 13 of them at one point, playing a selection of tracks from at least 3 of their last four albums. A good night and nice to see them again at the Astoria. I think I must have seen them live at least 10 times now.

I have come back today and given the website a bit of a tidy - the homepage has been updated with the events we will be attending in the next 2-3 months and I have created a whole new page that explains some of our environmental initiatives. It is very fashionable for large companies to announce they are spending £xxx million on being green - I've always thought the best idea was to save the planet but also some money at the same time.

Therefore I am proud to announce that Abbey Stores is spending £0.00 on becoming green, but I think if you visit the new page you will see we are already doing quite a lot without spending extra. As always suggestions and comments are gratefully received.