Nicolas the Wine Shop closes in Salisbury

Following the sad and sudden news that my former place of work, as known as Nicholas Wines, is closing I am pleased to announce that Abbey Stores will shortly be filling some of the gap.

Prior to the French chain Nicolas taking over this was where I first started working in retail, back in 2001, when it was known as Oddbins. Little did I consider then that 9 years on I would be running 2 shops and selling a wide range of products - anything from mouse traps to malt whisky! The closure of this business, as covered in this week's Salisbury Journal here:

means that Abbey Stores will now expand its range of wines and whiskies. Up until now we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Nicholas since if they were asked for a product they didn't have, the referral would come to us. Likewise customers to Abbey Stores would be sent round to Nicholas for their expertise with fine French and other Old World wines.

I am very sad that an established and well-run shop such as Nicolas should close "just like that" especially with no warning given to the two members of staff . While I understand all too well the commercial pressures of business, especially in connection to building rents, I am shocked at how quickly this has come to an end.

Andrew and Gareth are considering now how to open up their own wine shop in Salisbury and I sincerely hope that this happens both for their sake and because Salisbury cannot continue to lose city centre businesses.

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