The final wrap-up

So, its nice to be back for sure but I'm not at all looking forward to cycling into work tomorrow morning - 2+ weeks of eating big portions of good food have not done my waistline much good at all!

I have totted up some thoughts here which will perhaps remind me for next time and may even inspire someone else to follow in my train tracks!

Time spent in Europe: 17 days
Distance covered, approximately, had I driven all the way: 5200km
Number of countries visited at least once: 8
Number of trains used (not including Eurostar or the trains home from Harwich): 19
Number of sleeper trains: 2
Ferries: 1
Buses: 3 (Two of them in England as "rail-replacements")
Segway tours taken: 2
Segways fallen off: 1
Places stayed in and explored: 9
Best bunk to sleep in at a Youth Hostel: bottom
Best bunk to sleep in on a train: top
Nicest place I visited: Krakow
Most horrible place visited: Birkenau
Vehicles driven: 1 (Trabant)
Km walked: Lots and lots!
Money spent: I really don't want to think about this one...
Nicest meal: The Mexican restaurant in Krakow
Worst food: Currywurst in Munich for Breakfast
Split of hostels/hotels: ~50/50
Best beer of the trip: The Winter Special in Prague, in the Castle.
Worst beer of the trip: 3 pints of "Jupiler" in Amsterdam - tasteless chemical muck.

Thats all I can think of for now, so thanks for reading posts and I hope you have enjoyed them. Please feel free to comment or let me know if you have any questions.

Who knows where I shall travel to next and I know for certain that I will not be going away again for a while yet - Penny who has held the fort while I was away will not let me!

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