Ljubljana from Munich

After a much needed night's sleep the train to Ljubjana departed Munich at 0827. En route to the station I chanced upon the ideal breakfast - takeaway currywurst freshly made with a dedicated sausage chopping up machine in a local cafe. It is pictured left and yes I did eat all of it, no I wasn't sick and yes it was as disgusting as it looks!

The journey through the Alps was nowhere near as scenic as I had hoped, just long and tiring especially after yesterday which really was shattering - up at 0530, travelling all day, don't go to bed until gone 10pm then up again at 7am to carry on. I did wonder whether to stay in Munich for an extra night and on reflection I should have, but there we are. Perhaps later in my trip I will be glad not to have "wasted" a day, although I can hardly claim to have "done" Munich.
So I am now ensconsed in the old town of Ljuljana which is very pretty but looks as though it is waiting for a few more tourists to arrive. In some ways, with the cobbled streets, pretty river and frequent river bridges it reminds me of the old town in Gent and that too suffers a bit during the off-season. However, it is not cold, not raining, I have been up to the castle this afternoon which was somewhere I wanted to visit and I have some ideas for tomorrow. There is a brewing museum which I might wander out to and also a railway museum, or I might explore a bit more of the city.

From here I plan to backtrack towards Austria, possibly stopping off at Lake Bled and/or Planica and then heading up into the Alps proper. There is still some snow lying around here and noticeable on the way through and I even spotted some skiers some hopefully I will find some proper snow at some point. After that I expect to hit Prague, before going on into Poland, then Northern Germany, then The Netherlands, before catching the Harwich ferry.

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