SAFED driver training

Myself and Penny have just returned from an excellent 1/2 day course at the local A1 Roadcraft centre in Salisbury, where we have been school in the art of advanced driving under the SAFED scheme.

The morning is spent driving a fixed route, having first brimmed the vehicle with fuel. Once driven the number of gear changes made and the amount of fuel used is recorded. The instructor then drives the same route, again noting the variables but also giving you best practise hints and guidance.

Lunchtime is spent doing a theory test and also learning some manoeuvring skills, then after lunch we went back out to re-drive the same route and demonstrate what we have learnt. Again the vehicle is filled to the brim before and after each drive.

The course really does teach one how to drive sensibly, anticipate the road ahead, save wear and tear on the vehicle, drive safely and ultimately save fuel. Over the 9 mile test route I was able to cut fuel consumption by 50% - not bad at all!

I really enjoyed the course and hopefully this will lead to better things - I really want to pass my Category C licence so that I can drive my friend's Russian truck.

A1 Roadcraft are at:

A1 Roadcraft Centre
Livestock Market
Netherhampton Road

More details about SAFED courses can be found online at:

My friend's Russian truck, a Ural 4320, can be seen here:

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