Erol shopping cart software

We have been using Erol for our shopping site software for about 12 months now. I'm really not sure about the useability of the software - I have just spent about 2 hours trying to put a product listing on the front page and in the end settled for using the auto-generated sitemap instead. It works ok, although nothing seems to be intuitive as fr as managing the site goes.

I now want to be able to list more products - the version I am using the the Startup version and that restricts me in theory to just 25 products, although I have found in the past that if I try to list 24 the whole thing corrupts. I just don't know whether to invest more money in Erol, and upgrade what we have, or whether to write that off and start again with something more user friendly. My main concern is that if I find the site difficult to use, and I have received training, then what about an untrained potential customer? They are just going to find another shop.

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