Debit and credit card acceptance

We now accept all major credit and debit cards for purchases over £5.00 at Coombe Bissett. In addition to paying by card we can now offer cashback for debit card customers of up to £50.00 per £5.00+ transaction.

This should make it easier to use the shop even if you do not have enough cash.

Our major refurbishment works kick off this weekend (9/10 February) when we close at 10am on the 9th to allow specialist contractors to remove an asbestolux ceiling. After this has gone we can review the store area and start to rebuild it into a multi-use space for office, storage, staff facilities and tasting room.

Once the store area is under way we can turn our attentions to the shop, needing to finish the shop works before April 1st when the Post Office changes. Ideas at this stage include replacement of aging fridges with a remote multideck, 1-2 new freezers, a changed counter area and review the shelving layout. Lots to do in a short space of time but I'm sure we will cope!

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