Out and about dates for your diary

Well, it would be fair to say the Zil135 trip mentioned in my last post was not a resounding success: 1.5 hours sleep in 36, many miles driven and no truck collected because it had broken down. Buy me a pint sometime and I'll tell you all about it, or else have a look on www.zil131.com in the gallery for pictures of the beast.

Back to the website: I have updated the front page with 3 dates for your diaries when we are out and about rather than being stuck in the shop. 2 of the dates have offers connected with them - basically email me your address with the key phrase (on the home page) and receive either a free pint or a discount against some food. Can't be bad.

There will hopefully be a new shopping site in the next couple of months: CSY who make our EPoS system are working on an extension to the software that allows e-commerce with the product database driven from the database we use everyday in the shop for over-the-counter sales. I have been asking for this for the last four years, so it is nice to now see the finished product nearly ready. The demonstration site is at www.vectorecommerce.co.uk if you are interested.


  1. Hi I am interested to know what you think of the CSY EPoS System. Tony

  2. Hi Tony

    I have been using Vector since DOS version 5, which bought in 2003. The new version 6 is a huge improvement and the online module will be better still.

    Overall I am pretty happy with the software - it is not without its foibles but what software is not?

    At least the development team are active and accessible, something that rival packages (and I do have experience of this) seem to miss out.