Its Saturday night, I really should be down the pub...

but instead I am working, and suffering, because my blasted hayfever means I cannot leave the house without sneezing, nose running, eyes itching etc. So therefore, I am updating the website.

Thanks to Anna, her picture is in the gallery, we now have a page about our new Polish food range. The sausages, with a good dab of mustard and horseradish, are superb.

I have added the new Wilkins cider to the real cider pages - if you are in Somerset and want some real cider, none of your Magners crap, then check out Roger Wilkins. His details can be found on UK Cider and what a find!

I have had to take the real beer pages down until I can update the range and prices - I will probably make it look a bit prettier at the same time.

And I updated the product A-Z yesterday.

That's it for now, more next week.

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