Crazy drug deal of the week

This morning I popped round the corner to the ever helpful local pharmacy, to but some more hay fever tablets for myself. I used the One a Day Benadryl and I have to report that is normally does a good job. For this, for the last 3 summers that I have been using it, I have paid £4 ish for a week's supply. That is 57p per day. Not bad I thought for a day free of sneezing, itchy eyes, general unpleasantness.

While in the pharmacy I remembered seeing somewhere a suggestion that one should always ask for the generic brand of drugs, as you would save money by doing so. Yes, you could say that!

The generic brand, with the same ingredients and dose, and therefore effectiveness, is 62p per packet. Not a bad saving I thought, for 7, except that it is actually boxed in 30s. That is 0.02p per day.

The moral of the story is always ask for the generic brand. The packaging is not so glossy, and you won't find the brand name on the television, but you certainly save a wad of cash.

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